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Welcome to Liposphere
Liposphere – where Biolubrication starts

Liposphere is a biomedical start-up spun out from the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) in 2019. Its unique IP-protected platform technology has been developed over the past two decades at the Department of Materials & Interfaces under Professor Jacob Klein. Based on the profound knowledge of Klein and his team, Liposphere is now developing an innovative platform of highly lubricous, water-based biocompatible nanomaterials for conditions in the human body where ultralow friction is of utmost importance.

Liposphere Answers Significant Unmet Medical Needs

There is an urgent global unmet medical need for the technology in mechanically stressed environments, including high-load conditions to which major joints such as the knee are exposed, where Liposphere will target Osteoarthritis, and low-load conditions such as the cornea-eye lid interface, targeting Dry Eye Syndrome.

Liposphere’s formulation can be used as a pure lubricant, but also has the potential to encapsulate active pharmaceutical ingredients in the future, for delivery of pharmaceuticals to targets that currently are difficult to reach.
In addition, Liposphere’s platform technology enables the coating of artificial medical surfaces such as contact lenses, catheters and protheses, giving the potential for smooth movement in a wide range of biomedical devices.

Liposphere’s Products

Liposphere’s first orthopedic biolubricant product, AqueousJoint, will target the Osteoarthritits market as an intraarticular injectable based on the rationale of market size, growth expectations and an unmet medical need. It is expected to be designated a medical device for regulatory approval. Furthermore, Liposphere has developed an ophthalmic formulation for the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome. The formulation aims to reduce discomfort based on its unique lubricity and to provide patient-friendly dosing schemes due its long-lasting effect as a boundary lubricant.

The Companies Commercial Development

The Company recently secured seed funding from private investors and on June, 3rd 2019, the Israeli Innovation Authority announced supporting Liposphere within its Women’s Entrepreneur Track to develop AqueousJoint as an innovative treatment for Osteoarthritis, giving Liposphere a strong position for commercialization.

To explore Liposphere’s biolubricant platform technology further, the Company is currently seeking for partnerships with pharma/medtech companies in order to use the technology as a robust and efficient biomedical surface coating.

AqueousJoint AqueousEngine AqueousLens AqueousSurface
Liposphere’s Management Team
Ronit Goldberg

Ronit Goldberg, PhD
Co-Founder, CEO

– A multidisciplinary professional: BSc in Mathematics & Computing, MSc in Biotechnology and PhD in Chemistry from the Weizmann Institute. A pioneer in the field of liposome lubrication systems. Expert in designing & developing engineered liposomal systems by demand.
12-year experience in various biocompatible liposomes systems. Experienced in establishing and conducting proof of concepts projects. Inventor of seven different patents in the field of biomaterials. Ronit wrote many grant applications including bi-national collaboration grants which were successfully approved.
Dr. Goldberg is currently a Co-PI on a recent major distinguished grant aimed to explore novel long-retention liposomal drug-delivery vehicles.


Sabrina Jahn, PhD
Co-Founder, Business development

– has an academic background in Biomedicine and Bioinformatics and holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge, UK. Sabrina was a scholar of the Cambridge European Trust. She has worked in the field of colloidal and polymer physics focusing on novel drug delivery systems with market potential.
She initiated and managed a major collaboration involving multiple industrial and academic international partners. Sabrina spent her Post-doc as a Minerva Fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science working on friction and lubrication phenomena.
She has a strong background in successful governmental (including various EU grants) and private start-up fund-raising as well as identifying innovative interdisciplinary opportunities, strategic planning and project execution.

Anastasia Kipnis

Anastasia Kipnis, PhD

– Extensive experience in medical device development. PhD in physical chemistry of soft matter (Weizmann Inst. Israel).

Anastasia has worked in the Israeli startup industry over the past years and gained profound experience in clinical trials:

submission and handling of clinical documentation, monitoring of clinical trials and contact with clinical investigators, CRO’s.
EC’s, RA’s and clinical sites, QA of clinical studies, TMF and Saleforce administration.

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