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Liposphere is a biomedical start-up spun out from the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) in early 2019. Its unique IP-protected platform technology of unmatched biolubricants has been developed over the past two decades at the Department of Materials & Interfaces under Professor Jacob Klein. Based on the profound knowledge of Klein and his team, Liposphere is now developing an innovative platform of highly lubricious, water-based biocompatible nanomaterials -named AqueousTech– for conditions in or in interaction with the human body where ultralow friction is crucial. 

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„Answering unmet medical needs“

There is an urgent, global, unmet medical need to develop innovative solutions, which can sustain forces within mechanically stressed environments. In the context of the human body, the major synovial joints such as the knee a or hip joint articulate under high-load conditions, whereas the cornea/eye lid interface for example is exposed to high shear stresses under low loads. Both scenarios when physiologically impaired are the exact pain points where Liposphere’s formulations can play a crucial role.


Liposphere’s formulation can be used as a pure lubricant, but also has the potential to encapsulate active pharmaceutical ingredients in the future, for delivery of pharmaceuticals to targets that currently are difficult to reach. In addition, Liposphere’s platform technology enables the coating of artificial medical surfaces such as catheters and protheses, giving the potential for smooth movement in a wide range of biomedical devices.


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Introducing our unique product
The platform technology  AqueousTech


Liposphere’s platform technology AqueousTech can be used as a pure lubricant to coat biological surfaces, but also provide the vehicle to encapsulate active pharmaceutical ingredients or supplements and to deliver these to targets that currently are difficult to reach.

In addition, Liposphere’s platform technology enables the robust coating of artificial medical surfaces such as catheters, hydrogels and needles, leading to ultra-low friction and improved lubrication when coated surfaces slide past each other in an aqueous system.


Biological surfaces

We develop AqueousJoint (Investigational Device) as an intra-articular injectable for the treatment of knee Osteoarthritis. AqueousJoint acts as a biocompatible, boundary lubricant coating the cartilage surfaces of the opposing bones of the knee joint, hence reducing friction and wear by providing superior lubrication.

// Reducing friction significantly by protecting cartilage



AqueousEye (Investigational Device) is a topical biolubricant under development for patients, who suffer from mild to moderate Dry Eye Syndrome. The formulation hydrates and lubricates the cornea and aims to prolong retention time.

// Treating Dry Eye Syndrome efficiently

Artificial surfaces

With the product line AqueousSurface (Investigational Device), Liposphere develops highly lubricious coatings for artificial surfaces relevant in different healthcare applications. Liposphere is currently conducting and establishing pilot studies with distinct commercial partners in the catheter and contact lens manufacturing sector.

// Coating artificial surfaces with ultra-low friction materials

News from Liposphere

Continuous support
IIA funding approval 2022/2023!

The Israel Innovation Authorities continue to support Liposphere’s path towards commercialization of its knee joint injectable AqueousJoint in its 4th year. Thank you IIA for being such a great partner!

Publishing preclinical in-vivo safety!
The AqueousJoint formulation successfully made its way through preclinical studies.

Data that we gathered over the past years on the preclinical in-vivo safety of AqueousJoint has been published in Toxicologic Pathology! Congratulations to the authors!

With big steps forward!
We are very excited to announce that we have moved to the clinical phase!

We are very excited to announce that we have moved to the clinical phase! The first patients of the First-In-Human trial, conducted in two leading Israeli hospitals, have been injected intra-articularly with our knee joint articulation compound AqueousJoint. The primary outcome of this first clinical study is safety of the formulation.









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