Liposphere’s patented knee joint
articulation injectable under development

AqueousJoint coats the knee joints’ cartilage surface, providing a longlasting mechanical “cushion” to enable ease of movement.

We achieve this cushioning function by utilising robust, yet elastic lipidbased spheres. These spheres hold surrounding water in a unique way, which in combination with their 3D morphology, offers highly lubrication during joint articulation.

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Our Vision
„A world where every body enjoys
freedom to move with pain-free
joints every day.“

First-In-Human trials

showed that AqueousJoint is safe, reduces pain for up to 6 months
and leads to improved functionality and sports recovery.

Improved mobility
Sports recovery




The market standard treatments are only partially meeting the needs of knee OA sufferers.


…which means AqueousJoint could be treatment of choice and capture significant share in the multi-billion dollar markets for human knee Osteoarthritis, sports injury treatments and pets.

Series B
Clear path to growth and
significant valuation upside

Liposphere is currently raising Series B capital to accelerate
AqueousJoints’ development to access the European market.

Only EU
Only Human Knee OA
And Elite Sports

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