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The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and various investors are! Liposphere is supported via the IIA’s Women’s Entrepreneur Track in order to accelerate the commercialization of our intra-articular injectable to treat Osteoarthritis. Moreover, we are very proud to have an outstanding network of investors behind us to join forces to accomplish our vision and to be able to explore AqueousTech’s potential in the context of different markets.

The great strength of the technology based on its platform opportunities and innovative nature as such is highly valued among investors and hence de-risks investments.

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Efficient water-based biolubricants are of need in a large number of technological and medical market segments. With the focus on the orthopaedic, ophthalmic and coating sector, we intend to penetrate highly mature, competitive, but growing markets.

The growth of the orthopaedic injectable market is driven by an increase in the geriatric population and longer life spans. The major drivers of the Dry Eye market over the next years are more urbanized living conditions with rising use of computers, novel pipeline drugs and better disease awareness leading to increased diagnosis and treatment rates.

Global annual market size by

*Source: Lubricants Market Size, Share & Trends Anylysis Report By Product 2019-2025; Grand View Research

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Why Liposphere?
AqueousJoint outperforms
current market-approved solutions

Liposphere is a young, dynamic company with massive innovation potential originating from its IP-protected platform technology of unmatched water-based lubricants. In-vitro, on surfaces, Liposphere’s basic formulation outperforms hyaluronic acid-based solutions dramatically (by 2-3 orders of magnitude) in terms of lubrication capability (7). In animal experiments conducted so far, AqueousTech has been shown to be safe to use. Moreover, with respect to the orthopaedic application, AqueousJoint demonstrated a massively prolonged retention time in animals following intra-articular injection compared to current solutions on the market.


„We believe that AqueousTech
has the
potential to revolutionize the
market of water
based lubricants“

Taken together, our deep scientific expertise and experience in product development in combination with a tremendously strong advisory and support from the Israel Innovation Authority give Liposphere a very unique position for the upcoming years!

News from Liposphere

First study published!
First study of in-vivo retention time of Liposphere’s liposomal technology published!

Weifeng Lin, Ronit Goldberg and Jacob Klein jointly published a paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry B demonstrating dramatically prolonged retention times of pMPCylated liposomes following intra-articular injection in mice joints. Congratulations!

First clinical batch produced!
Liposphere's application AqueousJoint

Liposphere manufactured its first clinical batch of AqueousJoint. Liposphere’s new injectable will be evaluated clinically in First-In-Human trials in Ichilov Hospital Tel Aviv over the next months. How exciting!

Successful completion MIT IDEA2 program!
Liposphere is a finalist at IDEA2 2021!

Liposphere with its AqueousJoint development project was chosen to join the IDEA2 program and participated in workshops throughout 2021. IDEA2 is a program based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It provides transformative mentorship and expertise to emerging innovation leaders to develop their project ideas.









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